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Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #158 - Tip of the hat to The Beatles

Click the link below to play along. we go!

1. There are places to go today and things to do but I'm feeling kind of blah and my ass is dragging.
2. The Beatles sing "all things must pass" and "it's not always been this gray" (obviously they have never been to Eastern Canada in the winter).  Today my head is in the clouds where my mind can blow those clouds away.
3. Standing in the shower this morning, I was imagining myself in a warm tropical paradise.
4. I can't seem to get the gears in this old bean of mine to get moving... oh boy!
5. He went out tiger hunting with his elephant and gun.  In case of accidents he always took his mom. - I always thought this song would have been better if recorded with out Yoko Ono screeching in the background.
6. With all this cold and snow, how can I possibly keep my mind from wandering?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going home and snuggling up in my comfy PJ's, tomorrow my plans include grocery store, hardware store, furniture store and Sunday, I want to cook a nice dinner for the family, maybe watch a movie or two!


Snowbell said...

Hope you have a restful weekend

Here are my fill-ins

Billy Rhythm said...

Was that Yoko doing the "not when he looked so fierce" line? I always thought it was one of the guys trying to do and old lady impression! :-)

Jack said...

I think it was Yoko who sang that part... I must look it up.

Anonymous said...

Meh, I never eat the Mushroom-n-Swiss. The pic in the restaurant has green flecks of something in the mushroom sauce... totally looks like mold growing on it!

Half of what sends me to Hardee's is that my little rat terrier LOOOOOVES it. If we say "Hardee's", she starts flipping out and wanting to go!

Comfy PJs sound nice... as do warm and fuzzy slippers ;-)

Ann Marie said...

Your list is too funny. I also do that too in the shower. Have a great weekend :)

WackyMummy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. These blah eastern winters are wearing! Where's the summer, anyway?! ;)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

This was fun. I love the Beatles.

Amber said...

Glad you had long enough in the shower to use your imagination!
#5 had me chuckling pretty good.
Have a great weekend Jack!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Have a great weekend!

Gal Friday said...

Hmmmm...sounds like you have some post-holidays cabin fever there. Lack of sunshine and warmth can do that to a soul.
Hope you have a good weekend, at least.

only a movie said...

I think we both need full spectrum lamps... or the tropical vacation. Yeah, one of those two. xo

Have a lovely weekend, Jack

yoon see said...

Great and fun list:)
How cool! You have fun taking shower and virtually travelled to tropical paradise.

Thanks for dropping by and your encouraging comment.
I shall be back!