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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Clean Up

Spent most of the weekend doing mostly nothing and cleaning up in between. I managed to get caught up on all the dirty laundry -woohoo! Also did some cleanup on my blog, e-mail and facebook. Facebook; deleted one years worth of accumulated private messages. E-Mail; Deleted pages and pages in my in-box. Blog; Read through all unpublished blog posts, decided what I should hold onto and what should be deleted.

Here is a list of  titles from potential posts that will forever be lost somewhere out there in cyberspace. Some of these post in draft were completely finished and unpublished because a) I thought they sucked b) Didn't have the guts to push the "publish" button:
  • With the lights out, it's less dangerous.
  • I want the stars and the moon. ( Is that too much to ask for?)
  • Touché!
  • Life's a bitch...
  • Death. Then What?
  • A Privilege to Know You
  • Within a Moment
  • Ambivalence
  • Something in my... Soul?
  • Between Awake and Sleep
  • Dropping Like Flies
I still have a few post in draft that I decided to keep for now.  Who knows... One day I may have the courage to click that "Publish" button.


Amber said...

you know, I find that pushing that "Publish" button is pretty liberating sometimes ;o)
Glad you got a lot of the clutter out, WTG!

WackyMummy said...

And now I'll never know!

Seriously, though, it's always fun to organize and get rid of clutter. Happy week! =)

only a movie said...

I love your blog layout. I always do.

I had the intention to clean. My christmas tree is 1/2 taken apart.

Looking forward to reading an old draft... I should clean out my files too.

Shadow said...

cleaning up in any form is good... a clean sheet... i on the other hand delete waaaay to quickly. and throw away waaaay to quickly too...