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Monday, 5 September 2011

Preface to Autumn

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Are you as sad as I am that summer has unofficially come to an end? These beautiful September days pass by much too fast don't they? There was a chill in the air as early morning greeted me, but it quickly warmed up as soon as the sun appeared above the horizon.  Another September day had begun and we will be treated to another beautiful day.

Driving along the coast Saturday, the warmth of the sun was cooled by the breezes drifting off the ocean .  We discovered a new favourite beach and will be returning some day soon, perhaps in the next few weeks. 

Last night there was a distinct scent of Autumn in the air.  While walking the pup there were a few cicadas who were treating us to a song - we have hardly heard them all summer. I know moments like these are fleeting, as the warm days get shorter, and the cool nights become longer and longer.  I like to think that each and every season will bring new hopes, happiness and new adventures.
Happy Monday all!

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Nathalie said...

Oooh, I know exactly what you mean as today we are treated to some rare raindrops and cloudy skies!!! It really feels like Autumn today in Southern California (so I had to check for apple picking orchards for next weekend! :)

Jack said...

Nathalie: We aren't quite to the apple picking season here but can't wait for that time of year :)

Looking forward to seeing your apple picking post!

Pseudo said...

I love summer for all the water sports and lazy days (not to mention I get 8 weeks off of work). But Autumn is my favorite season.

Jack said...

Yes, I love autumn too but it's bitter sweet for me. Winter comes too quickly here Pseudo and it lasts way too long. I don't think I was meant to live in such a cold climate.