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Friday, 26 May 2017

a revival of sorts

This isn't a new blog but a revival of Slightlyoff-Center. A few years ago I frequently wrote my life experiences on here. I stopped mostly because I didn't feel I had anything to blog about. I recently have experienced a deep emotional change. Lately its like someone who suddenly becomes revived after a profound experience, I became more self aware, spiritual during this emotional transition. Before I begin explaining how this change brought about the urge to start writing here again, I must preface with something important. First, every single day, I'd even say a large part of my conscious time, is spent reflecting and actively becoming aware of my self, psychology, philosophy, and life. In other words, take what I say for deeper than face value with some merit of focused, reasonable thought. Second, though these thoughts are sparked by my experience, I feel like they come from another plain in the universe, through Reiki practice, Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training, as well as Meditation. The feeling is beyond awe-inspiring, motivational, and moving to the point where it has become my fundamental drive. Life started to take shape for me when I started to treat my mental illness. My sense of self-worth and value in action increased. Happiness was a result, but this time more organic then forced. Emotions that came up were felt as what they were on another level, one that transformed them into a deeper, happier Me. Through this, emotional struggle was changed into something remarkable. I have started to live adventurously, and improve myself on all levels. To start on a journey to self-awareness and discovery! I am waking up! So Welcome back!

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