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Monday, 28 July 2008

Monday - - A New Beginning

This morning while sitting her at my desk day dreaming, something just clicked. It was an artical I read last week about a Zen practice called "Beginners Mind", "Zen Mind" or "Shoshin".
Beginner's mind is Zen practice in action. It is the mind that is innocent of preconceptions and expectations, judgments and prejudices. Beginner's mind is just present to explore and observe and see "things as-it-is." I think of beginner's mind as the mind that faces life like a small child, full of curiosity and wonder and amazement. "I wonder what this is? I wonder what that is? I wonder what this means?" Without approaching things with a fixed point of view or a prior judgment, just asking "what is it?"
This is an interesting concept and might be just the thing to get me out of this funk. If I were to approach each day like a beginner, I could see each new experience in a new light. Maybe this is the way I need to look at the "roadblock/detour" I am faced with -- like a baby full of curiosity and discovery. I am facing the remainder of the week with a positive outlook.

(Hmmmmmmm, having O.C.D might make this challenge a difficult one)
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1 comment:

Janet said...

I wish this could be how I am...I try, but unfortunately, I do have judgments, no matter how much I don't want to!